Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Skip Loves Bags; Part II

Hello, Pretty. I am most definitely using my one-Anya-Hindmarch-bag-per-year, I mean, allowance, in the Fall to buy this ravishing leather and suede tote!

Or perhaps my loving family will bestow it upon me for my birthday...?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Skip's Black Thumb

I was very excited to try out my verdant thumb on our precious back patio. I spent more than 3 years in San Francisco with a desolate window box and was not about to let a "real" summer in Boston pass me by without an attempt at horticulture.

As it turns out, I have the opposite of a green thumb. I have a black thumb. I am Midas' rogue sibling--everything I touch dies a black death.

RTT assures me that practice makes perfect and I may just have to kill every last plant in the garden before honing my green thumb-ness. I'm not so sure. I think these pics speak for themselves.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Skip is a Naturalist

I have become unnaturally obsessed with decor inspired by nature; bird motifs, Jonathan Adler's menagerie of ceramic beasts, grand, silver antler candlesticks and drinks trays formed from petrified wood...

My most recent discovery in chic, organic interiors happens to also be the most beautifully brillant solution to my over-flowing coat closet...these divine carved wooden hooks from John Roboham at Live Wire Farm!

I shall mount them on the wall near the back door and keep my new puppy's leashes at easy reach.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Skip Loves Creative Candles

I am completely guilty of joining the fragranced candle bandwagon back in college (ok, and maybe for a few years afterwards). I hoarded the sickly sweet Freesia scent from the ubiquitous Bath & Body Works accompanied by asinine white ceramic stands on which to 'display' them...I even stooped to buying, dare I admit it, Vanilla Musk candles from Target with faux silver plate stands. Oh, the shame!

Thankfully, I have moved on from that horrid stage of my life and limit my smelly candle purchases to only the fragranced favorites from Kobo (the White Birch & Rosemary is sensational) and Modern Alchemy (Tincture of Winchester is unreal), maybe, for old time's sake, I also enjoy a Dyptique Figuier as a guilty pleasure. But mostly, I am determined to keep it simple, sophisticated and most importantly, subtle. These days, I practically gag when I smell Vanilla Musk.

I have also grown up to actually own my very own candlesticks (no more cheap plate things). Quite an accomplishment! I have these fantastic crystal ones from Anthropolgie and a faux metal Antler pair from Maxwell-Silver. However, what I failed to consider in my candle maturity was the trouble resulting from different sized candlestick openings. The Crystal pair have giant holes in the base while the Antler pair have comparably smaller openings. It's impossible to buy candles that fit both!

Alas, my dear readers, I have uncovered the ultimate solution, the elegant tapers from Creative Candles, beloved by both Martha Stewart and House Beautiful (is there a better endorsement). I discovered these beauties when shopping at my treasured South End design store, Hudson, and was attracted to them mostly because of the rich, saturated colors (I bought the mustard yellow, pale turquoise and classic brown). What I came to find out is that along with quality construction (the wax is so silky) and yummy color choices, each pack includes a beeswax strip to help "size" the candle to fit any candlestick.

It's a miracle! Now I will limit my taper candle purchases to only the offerings of Creative Candles.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Skip's Dream Comes True

My very loftiest dream has come true! I am not speaking of the marriage to my auspicious, amiable, and amorous husband (sorry about that), but rather my deepest, aching need to own a dog.

And, after ceaseless begging, painful tears and melodramatic pleas, RTT finally acquiesced over the weekend and we have reserved a French Bulldog baby! Born just 2 weeks ago, we get to pick her up in October from a lovely lady in Lynn, MA. She is currently named Chloe, but we are going to christen her Eleanor Rigby (Rigby for short).


Sunday, July 06, 2008

Skip Loves Portland (Maine)

Rather belatedly, RTT and I decided to whip up to Portland, Maine (I specify 'Maine' because my Mummy was slightly confused thinking we were jetting to Portland, Oregon instead) for the 4th of July weekend. Failing to plan a trip to the Cape or Nantucket in advance, Portland seemed like an adequate, WASP-y Americana hang out that we could handle at the last minute (it's only 90 minutes away).

We stayed at the lovely and comfortable Portland Harbor Hotel and spent the day perusing the shops and galleries around the downtown district. Rather typically, we also enjoyed a fried fish lunch on the water where RTT insisted on dining 'collars up.'

For our Happy Birthday, America dinner we celebrated at the amazing Fore Street bistro. Oh my! It had a rustic, Zuni-esque interior complete with copper detailing throughout and a hearth oven (be still, my beating heart). Naturally, my concerns were the bread (warm, delicious and the butter was like a drug) and the bathrooms (top-notch) but mostly, the food was divine! I am still dreaming about the Mussels and Tim's pasta appetizer...RTT raved about the wine list as well in which I happily partook. We left more than 3 hours later in shock and awe of our culinary discovery.

For brunch the next day we went to the local Mim's, lured in by the candy-colored sun umbrellas and beach-y decor. After a short wait and some (two) Bloody Mary's, RTT and I enjoyed our Eggs Benny, of course, in the summer-y morning sun on the upstairs deck. And, while their bathrooms left something (ok, a lot) to be desired, the meal was yummy and somehow calming.

Needless to say, we did not hit all our hot spot required stops so we will be back to Portland as soon as we can manage!

Perhaps for another Happy Birthday, America dinner...?