Sunday, February 25, 2007

Skip's Deepest Thoughts

Granted I've been inconspicuously absent these past few weeks, but I have not been idle. My mind is often riddled with thoughts related to world events, politics, humantarian objectives of peace, etc., etc....but, let's be honest, these are all to be drowned out by my less altruistic, more domineering obsessions; people, products and places.

Here are just a few of my most recent fixations;
(1) Tom Ford; how I love thee, creator of my sunglasses and Black Orchid fragrance!
(2) Baume & Mercier; finally the classic silver watch I have been searching for!
(3) After dining at Commander's Palace in New Orleans, RTT and I have become enthralled with the Whiskey Smash.
(4) Moving. New York, Boston, London...each city seems like a new adventure full of restaurants, shops, people, jobs and apartments that are all calling my name.
(5) Secret Bars; after sending in the jesters to test the spot, I've decided that I must go to the latest underground hot-spot (speakeasy) in San Francisco, Bourbon &'s feeds my BYT (bright young thing) desperation.
(6) Cav; all things wine and different. I love it.
(7) Britney; what is it about a train wreck that keeps you looking at the pathos and sadness?
(8) Butterfly Boucher; her latest release 'Bitter Song' feels like sadness coursing through my veins. It's brilliant.
(9) Super Nintendo; now that my neighbor Jason has joined the retro-video game addiction, we can start a help hotline. I even dream of Yoshi.
(10) Patrick Watson; HOW did I miss this guy until now?!?!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

The Big Easy

This past weekend, RTT and I had the lovely pleasure of attending my friend Mike's wedding in New Orleans. While absolutely fabulous, fun and fattening (see Cafe du Monde), it was also yet another opportunity for us to take ill-centered self-portraits...