Saturday, January 05, 2008

Skip Loves Large Bags

I harbor no doubts about my long standing candidates for the imaginary "best invention" contest I hold in my day dreams. Clearly, I do not believe it to be indoor plumbing, electricity, the Internet or the printing press (as submitted by my brother and father, respectively). But in our modern age, I am convicted that the greatest consumer creations to-date are the Sharpie and Ziploc bags. The permanence, the colors, the convenience, the preservation! I refuse to hear of any other so-called contenders (e.g. the pencil sharpener, cars and the ill-fated VHS cassette).

Indeed, my case for the Ziploc bag just got that much more persuasive when I recently discovered (and promptly purchased) the XXL Ziploc bags. They offer the same plastic conserving features of the smaller, kitchen-sized creations, but are sized for sports equipment, garden gnomes, camping supplies (as if I would ever go camping, but still...), etc. Absolute genius!

I shoved every last piece of exercise paraphernalia into one bag and labeled it as such with a Sharpie.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy 2008!