Sunday, May 27, 2007


Of course the minute I moved to Boston I went to Track 50 to update 'my location' so that I could be kept abreast of my favorite bands' movements into Cape Code and perhaps partake in a concert or two. Imagine my utter stupor when I discovered that Track 50 doesn't include Boston! What?!?! Where do I go? How do I know who will be where when? This is very unsatisfactory (not that I can really do anything about it).

So, after complaining to RTT for far longer than required, today I set about making a calendar for all my bands' concerts in the Boston area in the coming months. It's tiresome, unrequited work, but someone has to do it. What tedium! Until...

I discovered Tourfilter, a retro-feeling Track 50 competitor with much more country coverage that, yes sir, includes Boston!

Now I can go back to obsessing about my Corbusier chairs.

Skip's Current Loves

When you are unemployed, as I am, there develops large expanses of time that need to be filled with activity or thought or accomplishment. I suppose I could just sleep all day (and believe me, I've tried) but then what would I look forward to at night?

Rather, being marginally OCD, I obsess about certain things that I would otherwise completely overlook or lack the time to devote to the cause. So, I figured, why not let my dear readers in on my deepest thoughts, again...

(1) I could literally listen to Chris O'Brien's song Lighthouse on repeat. Oh wait, I did. His voice is so calming yet slickly smooth. Yum. Should I be surprised that he lives in Boston?

(2) As I think about how to decorate our new Biscuit apartment (with limited input from RTT because his vote only counts 1/8) my mind fills with different personalities that might apply to the design scheme. I haven't gotten very far because, clearly, I have a lot of facets to my personality (thankyouverymuch) and my dearest Yip isn't here for guidance. I have however determined that, if possible, I would like to marry these cowhide chairs by Corbusier.

(3) While I have somewhat intentionally removed myself from the wedding planning for now (my planner, Fabs 'Mindy Weiss' Harding, is dealing with all that nonsense) as I concentrate on finding a job, I have had some time to peruse the dress options out there. First of all, THEY ARE SO EXPENSIVE! Is that a joke? $8,000 for a dress? You wear it once! Secondly, they all look the same. I got bored really quickly. I did however find one designer, Saeyoung Vu whom I love. Her dresses are ethereal and muted without being fragile or trite. I like Celosia and Lotus. To-do: lose 100 pounds and try on Saeyoung dresses when next in New York.
(4) I miss my friends. As much fun as it can be to surf the world wide web and troll for music and miscellaneous furniture, I dearly wish I could have the company of my gal pals from San Francisco. With any luck, divine inspiration will make up my mind about the 3 job offers I have and I can start work soon. Hopefully, there will be some friends for me at my new company...not that anyone could hold a candle to my lovelies in California.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Shadow Casting

How insanely cool are the Blik wall decals?!?!

I love the strangely elegant and fancy yet still tongue-and-cheek chandeliers or coat racks or shelves. What a creative way to dress up a room without the need for pesky drills and holes.

At Blik Surface Graphics.

Skip Goes to Heaven

This past week(end), RTT and I jaunted off to Blackberry Farm in the Smokey Mountains for Tennesee for his new company's annual retreat. This place was divine. You are so jealous.
Whatever our whim was ours' for the asking (taking). Feel like some port by the fire in the cottage? No problem. Fancy some s'mores by the campfire? Coming right up. Like a special kind of expensive whiskey? Here you are, 'on the rocks,' just like you want it. It was literally like we had died and gone to heaven. To boot, everything was totally, 100% paid for. We had massages in the spa, enjoyed facials and body wraps, went white water rafting, rode bikes, played golf and dined like kings (or many kings, I'm pretty sure I gained 10 pounds while there). I even fell in love with a brownie recipe in one of our gourmet packed lunches for which they promptly sent me the recipe (see below).
I cannot wait until next year's event. RTT is lobbying for the South of France.

Blackberry Farm's
yield: ½ sheet pan

1c. butter
1c. white chocolate

3 ½ c. brown sugar

Whisk in:
4 ea. Eggs
1T vanilla

In another bowl, mix together:
2 c. Flour
4t baking powder
2t salt
Zest of 2 lemons

Whisk with wet ingredients and fold in:
2c. fresh blueberries
1 ½ c. white chocolate, chopped

Spread in a foil lined ½ sheet pan (***Fold foil up or there may be oozing***).
Bake at 325 for approximately 35 minutes or until springs back in center.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Skip Loves a Discount

Well, I'm pretty sure no one ever made millions working in retail...until they were almost dead. No one is in this business for the money, ask my bank account. It's the passion for product, the desire to guide the ever-fickle, ever-ignorant consumer, the glamour, the parties (um, ok, not really) and mainly, it's the discounts! Perks are what motivate people to work in retail. There are no two ways about it.

Being unemployed myself (though hot on the trail of several jobs in the Boston area, finger's crossed), I no longer am afforded the benefit of hefty 50% discounts at Gap Inc. brands, but my savvy sister, the always fabulous Fabs, has joined a company that is ripe with discounts, not only for her but for her family too! Now, that is why we work in retail. Families of Cole Haan employees get a 50% discount at Cole Haan stores and now online at Nike too! I can run in my oppressive, expansive spare time with lovely new shoes and matchy outfits!

Finally, perks for being related to Abby.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Long Winter

Ok, so it's not Winter, but the title felt appropriate since so much has happened since I last wrote.

First, RTT and I got engaged at the Hotel Healdsburg on April 19th and then proceeded to consume the most fantastically delicious and divine meal I have ever in my life eaten (sorry, West) at Cyrus in Healdsburg.

Then, RTT and I drove across the western United States over the course of 3 days in order to arrive in Chicago in time to catch a flight to a wedding in Orlando, FL. A few things to note, Reno is very lunar, Wyoming is the most boring state in the union, french fries for 3 meals a day for 3 days will make your arteries hurt, and Utah is extremely windy. Also, travelling with cats is NOT FUN. I do not recommend it for 36 hours of travel time.

This past weekend, RTT and I, along with my parents, went to the Florida wedding of my gorgeous friend, Miranda. It was such a good time! I am now looking forward to mine....if for no other reason than to stand up the challenge of "Most Fun Wedding."

And, now, RTT and I are lazing about Chicago waiting to embark on the final phase of our drive across the country and slowly forming a plan for our own wedding, tentatively scheduled for May 9th, 2008. For my fair readers, you can stay up to date on all the insanely fun (um, kind of) plans for the wedding here.

Hopefully when I have world wide web access in Boston, I can write about more fun things. Stay tuned!