Monday, August 27, 2007

Skip's Shoe

She has arrived!

While at BR in the fabulous footwear division, I was inspired by a lovely little flat and named her Abby, after my wonderous sister.

I know it is shocking that my sky-high heel wearing kin should spark the sentimentality of a ballet flat, but it just spoke to me. Demure, metallic, chic, versatile, fashionable and still so very now. But, of course! Fabs.

At Banana Republic right this very moment.

Boston Ski-Bunny

Once upon a time, I lived amongst the glorious, utopian weather that consumes San Francisco with 'Groundhog Day-' predicability. In those days, I couldn't imagine a climate that would require anymore fur than supplied in the infamous J.Crew Puffer Vest.

Now that my world has been shattered and the injustices of a continental climate begin to hint at the cold to come, I have realized that (1) I require an entirely new wardrobe that preferably includes the Miu Miu Gathered Tote in Smoke Grey and (2) I clearly need to upgrade my Ski-Bunny attire to include both more sleeves and more fur. Lucky for me, my talented sister, Fabs, works at Cole Haan and I can score this divine down jacket in Winter White with fur collar for 50%-off! I am certain to stop traffic when I cruise into the Talbots car park in this coat. Oh, yeah.

It makes me want to welcome winter with open arms!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Boys of Summer

As it is nearly the end of summer, I thought I would take a moment to recap the easy, breezy, mellifluous music that dominated my summer listening.

The College Guys: All these guys sound like they were in Tri-Ship at New Trier or were your friendly Beta-next-door. Each has a calming Josh Kelley-like collegiate sound that is perfect when driving through Boston. Enjoy a summer Sunday with Jon McLaughlin's catchy "Industry", Steve Reynolds' (opening for Tom McRae on tour) softer "Satellite," William Fitzsimmons' rapturous "Funeral Dress" and the favorite depressing Will Stratton's "I'd Hate to Leave You" (as if you expected me to listen to upbeat music).

The Next Teitur: A crystal clear voice that permeates the softness of his articulate ballads...It could only be the insanely talented Teitur. Rather, it's that Fionn Regan's soothing "Abacus" can't help but bring to mind the sweet sounds of the shy Dane.

The One That Will Last: Brendan James has a haunting James Taylor-like voice (ironic that Carly Simon played the role musical fairy godmother in his discovery) that captivates with melancholy melodies and exquisitely written lyrics. Brendan has the most post-Summer potential, in my humble opinion.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Skip Loves Trevor Hall

I have been known to become so obsessed with a song that I play it over and over again to the point where my co-car passengers and co-dwellers develop a tick or the obscene version of turrets. Rarely does the over-playing effect my own sanity beyond some discordant singing out loud.

The tables were turned, however, when I saw Shrek; the Third and my musical hunger was piqued by the very last song to play during the credits. It was a soothing yet pop-y, reggae inspired ditty crooned by the most fabulously throaty voice. Gaaaah! There followed a seemingly endless search for the musician, trolling the world wide web with the lyrics I could remember...I very nearly went mad myself.

That is until the actual song was released by this fabulously throaty voice. I was able once again to utilize my repeat button and obliviously drive people crazy.

I am, of course, speaking of the gifted Trevor Hall and his song "Other Ways."

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Where Are They Now?

Who could forget the fabulous 90's band Tonic? I have vivid memories of the hit "If You Could Only See" blasting on the tape deck (copied from the radio onto a mix tape) in my dad's black Chevy Blazer and thinking I was the coolest 16 year old on the North Shore. Awesome.

Well, I was instantly brought back to the time of Houlihan's, 7-Eleven and Early Bird Chemistry class when I heard Emerson Hart's music. The former Tonic frontman just last month released a new album, complete with his familiar yearning voice and depressing songs.

Unfortunately, it seems that his talent for lyrics is still lacking and his one-hit wonder status will likely remain intact. But, it's interesting to see where these 90's stars end up and how they keep trying (in vain) to recapture their limited and cheese-ball success.

Nevertheless, I can taste the Cherry Slushie now...

PS- Next up, Savage Garden's current employment status...

Monday, August 06, 2007

Skip's Engagement Party

This past weekend, RTT and I headed back to Chicago for a sneak preview of the wedding madness and wedding fab-ness to come in May 2008.

My lovely, mini-mummy hosted a classic, Harding get together for the near and dear. It was such a treat to have each of our families (meeting for the first time) and marvelous friends there to help with the typical over-abundance of food (that's right, 70 chicken breasts were cooked for 40 people on top of the 15 lbs. of steak, etc.) and celebrate,! Oh, and, I suppose RTT too.

I can only imagine how the intensity will thicken as we near the big day...Yipes!

You can view more pics at my "sister site."