Friday, September 30, 2005

Skip's Politically Correct

Just a little Friday giggle for you...The oldie but goodie, 'The Singhsons.'

Dorm Room Decor Matures

Those who consider rock posters adolescent are clearly oblivious to the imaginative, often gossamer and intriguing creations I have seen.

The budding business of concert posters as art has made for some impressive posters that would shame any 'Nirvana 1991 Tour' poster and, in limited printings, they won't be seen in every home around (unlike the ubiquitous vintage Euro ads). In fact, these artistic iterations would look grand in my modern, urban, organic apartment. Or something.

Concert posters at Option-G, The Heads of State and The Small Stakes.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Skip Fell For It

Well, it turns out that my doubts about the verity of the Hurricane Katrina pics were warranted! An alert reader, Tara 'Junior Mythbuster' Hillier (her self-imposed title I might add), sent in an explanation of the photographs from my 'Katrina' entry. Apparently, they are not even snaps of a hurricane but rather capture the phenomenon of supercell thunderstorms taken in 2004.

The following images are dramatic and real but mislabeled. They are not photographs of Hurricane Katrina nor is this the first time they have circulated under false pretenses. In May 2005 they made the rounds labeled as a storm near Bunbury [Australia] and in July and August they were forwarded as pictures of storms in various parts of Canada. Storm chaser and photographer Mike Hollingshead, to whom the photos have been attributed, confirmed taking them (most can be found on this page on his Web site). They actually document various supercell thunderstorms, tornados, and other meteorological phenomena Hollingshead observed in 2004.

I have a few thoughts on this; (1) Whoever named this type of storm deserves a medal. It's like a superhero weapon storm, a HALO storm even. (2) Seriously, Hurricane Katrina or not, the images are still absolutely remarkable. We should give credit where credit is due. Excellent work, Mother Nature.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Invisible Shield

In the world of iPod protective coverings, there are very few that make the cut. Most are too bulky, too sticky or too ugly to even consider swathing over your iPod. If only there was something strong, thin and invisible...

Someone has heard my cries!

And, if I were an Apple Nano, I would surely want such an Invisible Shield.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Power of Nature

I am in shock and in awe of these photos of Hurricane Katrina (courtesy of my 'roommate'). A tiny part of me thinks they are fake...

Monday, September 19, 2005

Skip's Speech

In case you haven't already figured it out, I absolutely adore words. All words, every word. No words are free from my smothering enthusiasm; corpulent words, small and fruity words, flowery and excessive words, those both sinister and seraphic, and most importantly, words that give the impression that I am more intelligent than I actually am. I think today's 'Word of the Day' will fit nicely into the latter category.

immure \ih-MYUR\, transitive verb: 1. To enclose within walls, or as if within walls; hence, to shut up; to imprison; to incarcerate. 2. To build into a wall. 3. To entomb in a wall.

I love it. 'Word of the Day' at

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Music Video

Oh my. You simply must watch this animated music video of He-Man singing a Four Non-Blondes cover song. Trust me. You may lose some brain cells but it is well worth your 2 minutes.

When you are done laughing, you can thank my friend Mike 'Collars Up' Crittenden.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Smooth Skip

As much as Gillette marketers may try to differentiate razor gender by prettily packaging the wimpy girl version in pink, I have no desire to color coordinate my razor to my 'chintz n' printz.' Thanks, but no thanks. I'd much rather have the Mach 3 which is ten times the razor the Venus is...and now, I will once again defy marketing attempts by immediately purchasing the Gillette Fusion with FIVE blades!!

Bring it on. February 2006.

The Real Question

Who wouldn't want to live in California?

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Movie Time

Yes! I want a DVD Movie Projector! You bring the popcorn.

Optoma DV10. A steal at $1,499.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Skip is in Love

If you haven't already heard of the Apple Nano, then I strongly urge you crawl out of the hole in the ground in which you live and fall in love with it like the rest of the planet. But, even if you are already obsessed with the Nano you still may not know about the company that designed it...with which I am now obsessed.

Frog Design is a product design, marketing and brand strategy company that has clients ranging from Apple to Dell to Tupperware and Disney. The company has created not only the Nano, but also Lufthansa's airline terminal, Microsoft's Windows XP brand identity and the sounds Apple computers play when you get a new email or do something stupid.

Honestly, how cool would it be to work on noises computers make?!?! I really want to work for Frog Design.

A Man After Skip's Heart

Recently I consumed a burrito that was the size and density of an iron brick. Ever since then, I have felt the need to share my gastronomical discomfort with everyone I see. (Misery loves company after all.) Never was I so thankful for my talent for boring, pointless anecdotes than when I relayed this fascinating story to the ever-funny JJ. He directed me to an alarming and absorbing website that covers the San Francisco 'burrito scene,' ranking each Mexican (meat) loaf on a mustache scale and providing links to each establishment's record of health code violations. It's awesome.

Burrito Eater.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Opera in the Park

This afternoon was spent lazily lounging in Golden Gate Park listening to the dulcet sounds of the San Francisco Opera. Now, I'm more of a symphony girl myself, but with the sun shining and a picnic fit for a queen, I think I could have slept to the opera in the park forever.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Skip to the Beat

A few nights back, I had the tremendous pleasure of attending the sold-out John Mayer Trio concert at the Fillmore. I could bore you with details of the simplistic beauty that is the Fillmore concert hall; absolutely sublime acoustics, groovy posters free for ticket holders, kind, cordial bartenders all made even more pleasing by barrels of glossy, red apples for all who attend...but rather I will focus on the audience.

Most John Mayer concerts are brimming with screaming, pre-pubescent girls with no sense of musical respect nor, clearly, an ounce of self-respect. As much as I believe in female solidarity, to be in the company of these chicks is entirely miserable for a calm and mannerly concert-goer like myself. The joy of attending a John Mayer Trio show, is that not only do I get to silently admire John Mayer and his guitar skills, but the jazz-infused setlist precludes the irritating Abercrombie bunch from attending.

It was pure bliss.

Safety Skip

Hurricane Katrina has brought such shocking and unfathomable results, it is hard to believe that there is any good that can come from her wrath. Though the grief sits heavy on my heart, I have certainly learned a few things with regard to humanity, generosity and the importance of readiness.

As much as I don't like Gavin Newsom, his creation of, a streamlined, informative and well-designed site for disaster preparedness, was nothing short of necessary for a city similarly cursed by natural catastrophes. The website includes instruction on what to do in case of an emergency, required supplies for most disasterous events and intended city action plans.

For anyone and everyone, it is worth a visit.

Skip's Ship View

Being on the west side of the building is the constant lament of the gals who work in Non-Apparel because instead of the sparkling water and bridge views enjoyed by the east-side girls, we delight in the Spear street parking lot and some screaming children from the day care center. It was such an unfortunate fate...until now.

While building a condo development in a lot outside of our offices (did I mention the construction site view as well?), the team of observant workers discovered the exo-skeleton of a ship dating back to 1849 when the area used to be a small cove and at a time when San Francisco was erupting with people searching for gold and liberal sympathy. Just kidding.

Nonetheless, being rather impressed by all things archaeological, I'm now quite content with my luck of location.

Article at

Skip Skips Town

My oh, my. What a week! My daily obsession with blogging had to be sidelined for a time while I actually did some work for my new job. I mean, I feel I must since they are paying me and all.

I'll leave the loquaciousness for tomorrow; however, I'm offering some photo hooks to keep you coming back for more of "Skip, Yip & Scrap head to the PNW (Pacific Northwest)." Woo-hoo.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Signs of Fall

I absolutely adore Fall; changing leaves, crisp air, yummy cashmere sweaters, an end to the profuse sweating and climate oscillation that comes with the Summer indoor/outdoor temperature differentials, perhaps my ski bunny vest being put to use, football season naturally, and clear skies that seem almost sharp in contrast to the haze of summer. Of course none of this applies to the seasonless netherworld that is San Francisco, but I can still sense the anticipation of Fall in the people on the streets.

For the mass media junkie that I am, Fall also signals the arrival of new television shows and the return of my most favorite programs, destined to hook me with attractive leading men, gratuitous plot complications and romantic entanglements. However, the process of ironing out my chosen obsessions for the season can become quite daunting, thanks in part to the networks' fondness for changing the day a program airs, widespread premiere week inconsistency and the need to reset all of my Tivo Season Passes.

Happily, the TV Guide Premiere Date list and Fall TV Schedule (in printable form) has made this task much more agreeable and is just one more thing to love about Fall.

Thursday, September 01, 2005