Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Skip Lives in the Arctic

I have determined that there is really only way to survive Winter in Boston...and that is with a glamorous Dr. Zhivago-inspired fur hat.

Shockingly, the fabulous fur hat market is relatively devoid of stylish options (and normal head models) but I have narrowed it down to a Black Fox Pill Box style and a Silver Fox Zhivago Hat.

This is a matter of life and unfashionably freezing to death.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Puppy Paraphenalia

As today is my favorite Frenchie's half-birthday (the esteemed Eleanor, revered Rigby, beloved bulldog) and given she can't yet communicate her own birthday wish-list (try as she might to chew on the computer at every possible moment), I feel it is my duty as Rigby's trustee to enunciate her very deepest pet preferences for birthday bounty...

(1) Cheeky Dog Bowls. Rigby has consummate taste in dinnerware and clearly deserves to dine out of the very best bowls. These cartoon-y bowls from Wagwear will surely make every meal more enjoyable.

(2) Couture Collars. Needless to say, Rigby is a ridiculously spoiled pet and has three collars with which to accessorize her daily duds. However, a girl can never have too many shoes and a Frenchie can never have too many collars. Rigby is partial to the prepster meets hipster options from Ella Dish and these WASP-y wonderful collars from the lovely luxe Blueblood brood, but I secretly desire to round her Summer collar collection with these pretty Palm Beach Lily Pulitzer bands. She'll fit right in at the Breakers.

(3) Tasty Treats. Rigby is an all organic gal as she is constantly concerned about her health, fantastic figure, and the sustainability of the food she eats. Lucky for us, we live very close to the phenomenal Polka Dog Bakery, where the Piglet shops for all her preferred products. But, for her 6-month birthday, Rigby will undoubtedly prefer the Bully Bonanza on which to munch.

(4) Organic Dog Toys. As Rigby is known for literally ripping her toys to shreds through a painful series of dismemberment and repeated beatings, it's better for all parties that her toys be organic. This way, when she inevitably ingests the arms, leg, tail or stuffing, RTT and I can rest a little easier knowing it's 'all natural.' Rigby really likes Percy, the organic chicken plush toy from FetchDog.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Skip's Christmas in Chicago

The beautiful Harding tree!

The Girls

Greer Parents & Mummy & Daddy

Fabulous Fabs

Penny & RTT

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas!

Yes, I made these cookies and not, as you may think, a 2nd grader.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Last Minute Gift List Update

For those of you desperately looking for some last minute Holiday gifts (Mummy, this one is for you) allow me to update my ever-expanding, never-necessary list of gift must-haves.

(1) A Letterpress Calendar. While I am thoroughly enjoying the time management function on my iPhone, Victory, I find there is always a need for month-at-a-glance calendar viewing at work. What prettier way to fulfill this function that with an artistic and original letterpress calendar! I love the hand drawn feather version at The Wild Unknown.

(2) Crafty Teapot Cozy. For a house to be considered truly English, it absolutely must include a biscuit tin for biscuits and a biscuit tin for tea bags (as advised by my father), a plethora of dish cloths, a teapot (obviously), ample tea mugs (again, courtesy of my Daddy) and, of course, a tea cozy. While RTT and I have a cutesy cupcake version from my Mummy, I do so love this flouncy crochet kind from Eden & Eden.

(3) Dyptique Fragrance. I am sure it's been made abundantly clear that I am a fragrance freak. RTT can attest to the overflowing tray of perfume bottles on our dresser each of which I labeled with appropriate moods and feelings imparted by the smell contained within. Is that crazy? Yes. Do I care? No. I even want more, like this divine fig-scented bouquet from Dyptique, Philosykos. It is described as a "fig tree and white cedar on a hot summer day in Greece." Yes, please!

(4) Fancy Gladiator Sandals. I fulfilled my fashion need for flat gladiator sandals last Summer with an adorable, gold pair from Matt Bernson. But this Spring, I really want to glam it up on the gladiator front. This fab python pair from Coach will be the perfect match for my incredibly stylish, yet-to-be-discovered cocktail dresses at all the weddings we have to attend this year.

(5) Personalized Stationery. More, you ask? Again, you say? Well, what would a Wish List be without a stationery line item? And, clearly my dreams have yet to come true in this department otherwise I wouldn't keep including them! My new favorite is this uber-chic vintage wallpaper version from Linda & Harriet. Of course, $490 for a set of 50 is a tad-bit excessive, but...why not just make sure everyone is at least aware of my amazing taste?

Only 4 more shopping days until Christmas, folks!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Skip Dreams of a Sunday Ride

I am almost 100% sure that this bicycle would inspire me to take up bike riding after a 18-year hiatus.

The Simple City 3 W. In Gloss Aqua, obviously.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Skip Asks the Question

Oh, what a happy world in which we live! It just makes you want to smile!

This peppy attitude could too be yours if you logon immediately and watch the Fifty People One Question videos (just avoid reading any financial news at nearby websites or driving in Boston for a little while so that you can maximize the gladdening effects).

The clever idea is a social project by Crush + Lovely, a small creative studio based in New York and San Francisco, that involves asking 50 people one question and filming the responses. The result of the first, precious question, Where would you like to wake up tomorrow?, now includes over 900 stirring, silly and sweet responses from people all over the globe.

If someone as anti-other-people as moi can be so captivated and even endeared to such a charming public simply from watching these videos, just think of the added bounce in your daily steps?!?!

Skip Succumbs

Well, it's happened. I have given into the pressures of mass consumer culture and purchased an iPhone. I know, I know.

But, in my defense, the entire purchase was motivated by my current complete lack of cell phone service in my own flat. While I am enternally devoted to T-Mobile, if there is one place my mobile needs to ring, it is in my house! Secondly, please believe me that this was a carefully considered (and reconsidered) decision that involved multiple trips to Verizon and AT&T before I finally accepted the iPhone as my own. I tried the Storm (painfully slow) and the Omnia (frustrating user interface) but, ultimately, the iPhone was the lesser of the evils.

I hope you can forgive me, dear readers!

Update 1/18: Just a wee note, on the ridiculously cool iTunes/iPhone App store. As much as I wanted to hate it, it might make the entire conformist thing worth it. I am obsessed with Shazam (already put to use on a Ray LaMontagne song), my Traffic update application that helps me avoid road rage on my commute and the quirky Quad Camera program that has turned my otherwise crappy iPhone camera into a nifty Lomo-type one.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Skip Loves Jack's Mannequin

I love a good story nearly as much as I love a good song (though I don't necessarily enjoy listening to the former on repeat as I do the latter). So, you can imagine my delight when I heard the story behind and the music of the band Jack's Mannequin.

The band was originally created in 2004 as a side project of the super adorable slash scruffy Andrew McMahon of the group Something Corporate. He released one album under his new band name but then was diagnosed with leukemia shortly thereafter and took a 2-year hiatus from music. Throughout his treatment he penned inspired piano ballads that were included on his latest, September 2008 album The Glass Passenger.

Now, I well know that I tend to get overly excited about a lot of bands and a lot of music, but trust me on this one, dear readers! The result of Andrew's physical and emotional peril is a heartfelt, earnest collection of California surfer piano anthems that both darken and delight the spirit and upset and enlighten soul. It's music that makes you want to turn up the volume and belt out the, maybe that's just me.

No. Seriously, buy this album.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Skip Loves Her Girls

It was such a heavenly treat! Jess & Lauren visited me in Boston this past weekend. We basically did nothing very much (and even despite a horrid hangover and frigid temps) was absolutely perfect.