Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Skip's Wish List; Part I

Since my blog has temporarily turned into a glorified Birthday/Christmas list, I would like to add one more item to the mix.

This woven rope bracelet with diamond link by Devon Paige McCleary, to me epitomizes the 'elegant yet casual, wealthy yet humble, elitist yet still kind to the little people, is she or isn't she a celebrity' look to which I aspire. Nevermind that it is $2,500. The jury is still out, but I think I might be worth it...

Twist Online.

Ski Bunny Skip

I have delusions of being an urban ski bunny. I have no clue where I would wear this, but I want it.

Puffer Vest with Fur Trim. J. Crew.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Skip's Kits Like Smelly Shoes

Same shoe, different cats.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Spelling Matters

The spelling of my name has been an unfortunate thorn in my side for almost my entire life. I'd like to think that I'm unique because of it (Being a Katy with a '-y' has a certain sex-appeal, no?), but the truth is that it just confuses the more simple-minded among us; those people who cannot fathom spelling Katy any other way than with the insipid '-ie' ending.

Now, being a forgiving, tender woman, I'm willing to overlook this minor blunder; however, what really frosts my cookies is the penchant some people have for renaming me Kathy. Do these people not read?!?! Do they assume I cannot spell my very own name?!?!

This was particularly frustrating when the exact man I was attempting to butter up (a certain Mark C., manager of Jackopierce) condescends to write me back as 'Kathy.'

Hey Kathy,

Thanks for the email. That's awesome your sister is coming out for the show. Backstage passes aren't as exciting as they sound. Jack and Cary both spend time after the shows talking to and hanging out with the fans so there will definitely be time for you to hang out and chat with them. How's that?


This simply will not do. My little mind is swirling with wicked thoughts of revenge...

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Skip's a Big Fan

So, my sister and I are obsessed with Jackopierce. Childish, yes, but we don't care. The band occupied our concert schedule all through high school and into college, we even flew to Houston for a New Year's concert. It was a grief-stricken day when they disbanded and chose erroneously to pursue futile solo careers. Cary Pierce had a string of unsuccessful albums that were just sad while Jack O'Neill began a new band named 'American Horse' which just screams disaster.

Luckily for us and them, the two men have come to their senses and have reformed the original Jackopierce. Fabs is flying into San Francisco for the concert at the Swedish American Music Hall on October 28th and I have written a letter;

Dear Mark,

I can't tell you how elated I am that Cary & Jack are back on tour as Jackopierce. My sister and I are huge fans...we've seen them at the House of Blue's in Chicago (with Matchbox 20 opening), Trax in Charlottesville and flew to Houston for their New Year's Eve final concert. When we discovered that they were playing in San Francisco (my current residence), my sister immediately booked a plane ticket from DC for the show at the SAMH on the 28th of October.

Now, I'm not exactly sure why I'm writing this other than to gush to you about the band or what exactly I expect you to do, but perhaps I could ask for a backstage pass or something equally innocuous but immensely exciting for my sister and I...? Thoughts?

Thanks, Mark.

We are so getting hooked up.

Skip is a Bad Dancer

The fact that I have an active blog implies that I have a lot of time on my hands and that I am a big dork. Now, these assumptions may well be true; yet, I have come to discover that the concepts of free time and dorkiness are entirely relative because compared to the creator of 'Dancing Paul' I'm an A-list celeb.

Still, his website is way cooler than mine.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Skip Hates Bikes

Nevermind the fact that I clearly cannot focus my camera, what you are seeing is an image of 200 bicyclists (read: bike messengers) who parked themselves outside my apartment at approximately 8:30pm last night. It was the latest 'Critical Mass' ride through San Francisco. Both drunk and clearly deaf, these people proceeded to break on the lawn, play music at 200 decibels and explode some kind blue bomb in the alley disrupting my peaceful girl's night and scaring the crap out of us all.

The good news is that I have the phone number for Noise Abatement memorized. Whoops.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Lucky Penny

There is no one cooler than my brother. Sorry, but it's true.
I just got lucky.

Bag Lady

The Mary Poppins in me really wants this bag.

Neal Decker tote.

Skip Likes Putting Things in Their Place

In anticipation of all the lovely, new (and free) jewelry samples that I will be pilfering from work, I've decided that I am going to purge and organize my personal jewelry collection (which currently suggests I once followed a careless gypsy around with a box). In order to do this and at the same time convince any visiting coworkers once again that I was the consummate candidate, I will need a chic and discreet place to put my gems.

The jewelry cases at Hold Everything are fantastic. So fantastic in fact that I've come to the conclusion I will need two; the classic version in sky blue leather and a modern, Jonathan Adler interpretation.

I will fill in any empty spots with jewelry from Twist.

Et, voila! My prodigious taste and talent will be indubitable to all!

The Pressure of a Name

I love the British. I am British. I love the British elite's determined efforts to preserve their antiquated and socially unjust class system (to which I would desperately like to belong so that I too can attend galas at country estates and visit the family compound in Bermuda). Never was this dedication more apparent than in the names these people give their children; sort of garish, sometimes embarrassing and complete with funny, childish nicknames.

Below is a sampling from this month's Tatler which my mummy so kindly lugged back from London (home to my family's estate). I swear I am not making these up.

*Ticky Hedley-Dent
*Tashi Lassalle
*Santa Sebag Montefiore
*Clemmie Hambro
*Charles & Pandora Delevingne
*Sybilla Rufus Isaacs
*Detmar Blow
*Fiona Scarry
*Tania Bryer Moufarrige

How on earth do these people take themselves seriously?!?! It's so odd. I love it.

Skip's Favorite Colors are Black & Gold

How serendipitous that the same day I discover that Ben Roethlisberger (hi, Ben) has a blog, I receive a magical, marvelous gift from the Steeler's Fan Club. It is brilliant; full of budget-grade pins and pens, pads of paper, cups, and stickers. Honestly, who doesn't love stickers?!?! It even includes a fabulous, handwritten membership card (un-laminated, which conveniently gives me an excuse to fire up the laminating machine).

That the blue-collar roots of this team extend to their fan club just makes them all the more endearing.

I love the Steelers.

Only 13 days until regular season football begins.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Too Good to be True

Seriously, this is the best blog ever.

Biker Ben

Prom Ben

Ben at Home

Glamour Ben

and my personal favorite, High School Ben

Oh. My. Ben.

I can hardly contain my elation right now. I think I might twitch out of my seat.

I have just discovered that Ben Roethlisberger has a blog too! He has a dog named Zeus, uses an adorably limited number of words and has what sounds like a mini-crush on Tommy Maddox. I love it!

Forget this blog, I'm a BR-7 girl now.

Bling It On

As much as I lament the ubiquitous Paris Hilton and her lame attempts to coin catchphrases, I have to admit I admire her brilliance on the bedazzled phone front. It is pure genius; after all, who knows better than Paris that everything is prettier covered in bling?

Now, I have the world's coolest, cutest mobile. I'm not kidding. People stop me on the street to admire this fetching phone. Men want to be with the phone, women want to be near the phone. Er, or something. But, can you imagine how ghetto fabulous it would be if it were covered in rhinestones!?!?

I can.

Bling Me Out or Bling Ring.

Skip's Movie

There are a few things in life which are gloriously pointless and puerile and yet bring such a wonderful feeling of satisfaction; pouring bubble bath into public fountains and discovering one's ghetto name (Wankmaster Dawg, in case you were curious) are examples that come to mind.

I will now add to this list making your own animated movie at DF1lms.

Spread the Word

This picture just needs to be posted on every website possible.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Company Skip Keeps

I've had my fair share of dealings with huge, bureaucratic companies which in spite of the hold on their respective markets (Sprint and Comcast, to name a few) are completely inept and outrageously inefficient. It is truly enough to make the blood boil.

However, there are a few wonders of the capitalist world which seem to have maintained some sense of humanity, customer service and intelligence of corporate design. For me, each and every encounter with these behemoths has been pleasantly easy, even helpful and, dare I say it, satisfactory. Now, I completely understand that each person can have very different experiences with the same company, but the following have meaning to me because they have been consistent, and well, because this is my Blog.

I suppose the sad thing is that there are only 3.

(1) DirectTV (A+)
(2) T-Mobile
(3) PG&E

Skip Loves Odd Men

Last night, Nat and I went to the 'Odd Men Out' concert at Davies Symphony Hall. The show consisted of Ben Lee, Ben Folds and Rufus Wainwright in punctual succession.

Here are my thoughts...

(1) I need a camera with night vision. Or, I need to learn how to focus.
(2) Never go to another concert that is not in Symphony Hall. The acoustics were incredible! Every sound was perfectly amplified and hung crisply in the air. The singers' voices were almost unnaturally clear and seemingly pitch-perfect (most of the time), it was as if each note had its own speaker. It was actually kind of creepy and most definitely wonderful. My poor face is still aching from smiling for 3 hours.
(3) Ben Folds is quite funny and very clever, a little bit of tongue-in-cheek. It's precious. He is also refreshingly humble and dorky and despite some lyrical nightmares, like 'Gracie,' he is an incredible song writer and musician.
(4) Just because you are at Symphony Hall does not mean that the crowd is a more sophisticated, 'symphony' crowd. It merely means that they are drunk off cheap wine rather than cheap beer. An eager fan rushed the stage when Ben Folds was playing and there was an 'altercation' in the crowd while Rufus was playing. It was all very exciting.
(5) Even though I might love the song 'Vicious World' apparently Rufus does not.
(6) Ben Folds likes doing his own renditions of Snoop & Dr. Dre songs.
(7) I'm so not kidding. Rufus was wearing Tevas (or Chacos or some other earthy mandal). What was even more bizarre was the juxtaposition of this footwear with a sequined plaque belt.
(8) It is confirmed. 'Hallelujah' gives me the chills.

Skip's Fabulous

When we were younger, my sister, Fabs, and I used to joke that half of her and half of me together would be the perfect person; her feminine upper half including her amazing (and natural!) flax-colored hair, gorgeous shoulders, equine nose and azure eyes and my lower half which meant, my, um, legs.

Now that I have a minute, I'm going to think a little bit more about this perfect woman. She must possess Abby's no-nonsense attitude, motivation, passion, lively spirit and love of all things fun. She would have my patience. She must have Abby's fashion sense, talent for interior design and restaurant knowledge. I'm going to donate my sense of direction, driving capabilities, shaky grasp of current events (Hollywood gossip doesn't count) and my hands (I know, I know, technically in the upper half). Oh, there's no doubt she would have to have Abby's story-telling ability, recipe for artichoke dip, talent for nicknames, fascination with 'Laguna Beach' and 'The O.C.' Clearly, we would give her Abby's grace and poise, her sense of determination and resilience, her warm smile, superior wit and generosity. She would have Fabs' sense of humor, cheerful radiance, honest charm, sensibility and heart.

That makes the perfect woman roughly 7% of me and 93% of Fabs. Hmmm...

I know the perfect woman. She is my perfect sister.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Last One...

This is honestly going to be my last post today, because though it is a rather slow week at work, I should probably be doing something productive. However, I couldn't contain my excitement upon viewing the very melodious and theatrical (in spite of a slightly scary band close-up) Nada Surf e-card and discovering that the band will be in San Francisco on October 21st to promote their new album (to be released Setember 13th). YAY!

If you haven't yet heard of Nada Surf, then you better get your act together. Barsuk Records.

Spooky Skip

I have a little thing for Edward Gorey. Perhaps it's the Chicago in me, perhaps it my tendency towards the eccentric and the macabre developed from years of watching 'Mystery!' on PBS with my parents, or perhaps it's just the high regard with which I look at someone so talented and so desperately creative.

My chum Mike 'Collars-Up' Crittenden shares in my creepy curiosity.

The Gashlycrumb Tinies.

Rock Star

What is it with me and quasi-punk, rocker chain jewelry?

I want this.

Round Designs from Active Endeavors.

My Weakness

As cool as I may seem on the pages of my Blog, underneath it all I'm a giant nerd (which may, in fact, not be such a surprise to the more astute among you). Never was this more obvious than in my obsession with really bad jokes, in particular those jokes indexed by a certain 'Super Jamie.' I haven't a clue who this person is, but I think I love him/her.

Here are some choice nuggets for your laughing pleasure.

What do you call a man with toilet paper in his mouth? John
What do you call a man in your girlfriend's lingerie drawer? Teddy
What do you call a chinese lady with a food processor? Brenda
What do you call a man with no arms or legs, who's on stage? Mike
What do you call a man with his legs chopped off at the knees? Neil
What do you call a man with no arms or legs on a poker table? Chip
What do you call an epileptic in a pile of leaves? Russell

Seriously, this guy must be British. Super Jamie's Bad Joke Page.

Skip Loves Stationery

On the phone last night with my beloved sister, Fabs, I was reminded of my not-so hidden addiction to whimsical stationery. She claims to have had dinner with someone who bore witness to me spending >$150 on cards and notes in one transaction several years back. Now, while I cannot say with certainty that this was not me (How can anyone contain themselves when in the utterly charming Pumpkin Seeds in Metro-Lex, VA?), surely it must be difficult for anyone to spend that much money on paper! Right?

Perhaps not. I just equipped my pretend/make-believe home office by fake-buying stationery and return address labels from Felix Doolittle. I have ghost-spent $146 before taxes and shipping. Apparently you can spend that much money on paper.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Since U Been Gone

'Astronomical' Apathy

It's not a pretty sight when I am bored at work. I shift uneasily and constantly in my chair, smack my gum, email-stalk almost everyone I know and Google people. The latest victim of my ennui is the recently returned Jason Standiford. How could I not post this little darling depicting a young Jason looking up at the stars? I simply had to share this with the world.

Made by Skip

I'm not completely sure what I would put customized labels on, but I think I need them.

My Own Labels.

Yippy Skippy!

My gal Corinne can wear pearls and grosgrain like no one else I know, holds the record for horn-reflex time in a car and is truly an uplifting and inspiring friend. She doesn't get enough credit for all her this one is for Yip.

In deference to Yip, Creatrice Extraordinaire

(1) Michael Kors; Nautical Prepster
(2) Philippe Lacoste; Original Prepster
(3) Victoria Hagan; Interior Prepster
(4) Charlotte Ronson; Up-and-Coming Prepster
(5) Martha Stewart; DIY Prepster

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Only in San Francisco; Part I

I am not kidding. There are people on stilts, smoking and wearing clown costumes in the park outside my apartment.

Skip, Yip, Scrap and Nat Hit the 'Range'

Last night, in a very urban girl move, Yip, Scrappy, Natalie and I decided to bestow our presence on one of the city's trendiest new restaurants; Range, happily just 4 weeks old. The restaurant is located in the ever-hip Mission district at Valencia and 19th, highlighted only by an inconspicuous light. Our reservations (thank you, OpenTable) were for 8:30pm though we waited for about 20 minutes at the bar (with a curious 'Blood Bank' fridge) for our table to be ready which under normal circumstances would have elicited a demerit but thanks to some delectable beverages and scintillating conversations about Vegas, the delay went relatively unnoticed.

We spent our 2 hours at a quiet table in the middle room of the restaurant sipping wine and eating every course possible, punctuated by Scrap's appetizer of Bay Scallops, the Salmon with corn salsa and sorrel mushrooms, Nectarine cobbler and almond tea cookies. Service was excellent though we fear we may have offended our boyish waiter with cavalier talk of cleavage and braces. Whatever. More power to those who make efforts to beautify their smiles, no matter their age (this list includes, Jason Standiford and Tom Cruise, among others). In fact, other than a shocking oversight in the matchbook department and a snide comment about a tip from the aforementioned metallic-mouthed man, the entire experience was quite brilliant. All in all, a nice addition to yuppie cuisine.

Saturday, August 20, 2005


With my glamourous, new job beginning in just a few short weeks, I've decided I must accessorize my career move with a glamourous, new bag; more specifically, a bag/case for my laptop (I'm a business traveller now, you see). After much consideration and vigorous window shopping at the highly addictive Flight 001, I've naturally chosen the very most expensive laptop bag ever made as my coveted case. What can I say? It's a gift. $395. But, it's just so beautiful.

Hudson Tote with Charlie Case insert from Marka Online.

Skip Loves Cartoon Sidekicks

Dedicated to Penny, the Harding Sidekick

(1) Snarf from Thundercats
(2) Brain from Inspector Gadget
(3) Shaggy from Scooby Doo (I will consider arguments that Scooby was the sidekick, but...)
(4) Pinky from Pinky & the Brain/Animaniacs
(5) Boo Boo from Yogi Bear

Please note that this ranking is subject to continuous audit.


1921. A big year for Albert Einstein, Ernest Hemingway and the Republic of Turkey. It also happens to be a time when Warren G. Harding (arguably the worst American president ever) was leading our great nation. Is it not surprising then, that another Harding (me) felt an affinity with 1921? I think not.

1921 Denim from the Canadian company that produces Silver Jeans (never heard of them, but I heart Canada) makes jeans "using top quality fabrics from Italy and Japan, 1921 has a handcrafted aesthetic and unrivalled attention to detail...hammered buttons and rivets and busted side seams add a unique feel and look." Whatever. These jeans are hot. They may easily be mistaken for True Religion jeans only they lack that very irritating biased side-seam and they are much less expensive.

They make butts look like booty and legs look like Barbie's. Purchased at Azalea Boutique.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Pick a Bridge

Could there be anything more enchanting?

Skip Loves Movie Jumpsuits

An Ode to my pal Lauren

(1) Team Zissou from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
(2) Richie Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums
(3) Biff Tannen from Back to the Future
(4) Fatty Regina George from Mean Girls
(5) Todd and Margo Chester from Christmas Vacation

Please note that this list is under incessant review.

Websites that Get it Right

Either you get it or you don't. It's that simple.

Ofoto (now Kodak Gallery)
International Herald Tribune
Google Maps
Fat Lens

Please note that this list is under constant scrutiny and tireless review as each new site visited redefines the website standards.

Skip to my Lou

Never on this earth was there a more brilliant parent than my very own 'Mummy;' my dearest Lou. She radiates warmth and love and a sense of humor that brings a sparkle to her eye. She is the kindest, most magnanimous woman anyone could ever hope to meet...and really, it's true, you can ask anyone who has met her!

Lou Lou makes a mean brownie known all about town (though some do prefer her lemon bars or flourless chocolate cake, while my favorite is her plum tart), scrumptious yorkshire puddings and heavenly shepherd's pie. Though asparagus is her Achilles Heel, Lou can solve any crossword puzzle, speak French, Spanish and English, recite almost every series of Hermes scarf put into production, write backwards and upside-down and fall asleep in negative time. She can mend any tear (provided you allow her 22 years) and kiss away every tear.

She's the best and she's my mom.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Skip Over the Touristy Stuff

I must say that I get a wee bit frustrated with all the tourists clogging up my city, aimlessly wandering in packs, wearing shorts and Chinatown fleeces and speaking extremely loudly. I empathize with their plight as there truly is no definitive un-tourist guide for San Francisco; thus, they continue their migration through the streets towards Chinatown, Powell Street (Hello, I need to get into Sephora!!!) and North Beach asking for directions to Fisherman's Wharf and pouring into my cabs and busses outside Embarcadero 4.

I shall help those so inclined to seek out the real finds in the City by the Bay. The Shoppping Directory will come later...

Sights; Seriously, Fisherman's Wharf is not cool.
*San Francisco MOMA; even if you don't get modern art, go here
*Museum of Cartoon Art
*The Ferry Building & Saturday Farmer's Market
*SBC Park; Giant entertainment
*Cable Cars; for once, please try the California line rather than Powell-Mason
*Musee Mecanique; weird and weird

Restaurants; Please stay away from 'The Stinking Rose.'
*Zuni; original California cuisine
*Luna Park; comfort food
*Town Hall
*Mario's Bohemian Cigar Bar; amazing panini
*House; um, just go
*Foreign Cinema
*Pluto's; cafeteria style-setting with un-cafeteria tastes
*Home Restaurant
*Ella's; brunch only
*Boulevard; save your pennies
*Slanted Door
*Le Colonial; ambience extraordinaire
*Osha Thai
*EOS Restaurant
*Q; tater tot heaven
*Sushi Rock

Venues; Do yourself a favor and take advantage of the amazing music scene.
*Cafe du Nord
*The Independent
*The Fillmore
*The Warfield
*12 Galaxies

Bars; Avoid the hotel bar, after all, cheap suits are ugly.
*Fly Bar
*Mission Bar; dive in
*The Red Room
*Bruno's; on Tuesdays
*Bix; for the mix
*The Phoenix
*Vesuvio Cafe; a literary drink
*Hemlock; hipster bar
*Mr. Smith's; dance up a storm
*Jade Bar; no better Happy Hour in town
*Columbus Cafe; ok, maybe this one

Monday, August 15, 2005

Skipping Into Town

So I've decided to try my hand at this whole 'Blog' thing as it seems to be right up my alley-- posting thoughts and opinions for all the world to review. As you may very well already know, I'm quite adamant about my beliefs regarding people, places and things so why not share them with friends, family and just about anyone else who seeks instruction on, er, life?

Watch this space for postings on just about anything and everything that skips through my pretty little head...