Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Skip Has No Secrets

Secrets are hard to keep. No matter how fervently you assure a confessor that 'the buck stops here' there will always be a part of you that aches with the gossipy instinct to relay the story to just one person. No matter how tight-lipped you may be, we have all relapsed on a promise (more than once), even you, my fair readers. But, the truly funny thing about secrets, is that there are whispers about ourselves that we would never let pass our lips. How odd that we can keep secrets but only if they are about ourselves?

There is now a place for you to let it all out, anonymously of course, and not risk your reputation for reticence nor your reputation in general. Just reading these takes the edge off...

At Post Secret.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Skip's Clothes are Reborn

Is there really a better heaven for my spacially-challenged clothes than to be resurrected as my pals' new pets? I think not.

It brings me happy delight.

Skip is Going to Faint

Seriously, I'm hyperventilating. I have to go to Walgreen's and get some brown paper bags to breathe slowly into otherwise I will pass out. In the meantime, look at this...

It's as if someone read my dreams and painted them into a perfect reality. First there is talk of a touch-screen iPod and now this! What is Apple trying to do to my sanity?!?!

Apple mobile phone.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Skip Drives a Hard Bargain

They didn't make the cut.

See, Mom. I told you I could get rid of stuff...

Friday, February 10, 2006

Pretty, Pretty

My family.

Go, Go Gadget Watch

Cool. Night vision.

Swiss Army Watch.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Skip Downsizes

In the spirit of minimalism and cost-cutting and in preparation for a move (see Take Back 2006), I have determined that everything I own will have to be extremely efficient, effective and streamlined...I'm all about product multi-tasking.

This obviously obligates me to acquire some new, key items. For example, rather than an alarm clock and stereo, I will dispose of both and replace them with the iHome i5 clock radio. Then, rather than earbuds for the gym and massive, noise-cancelling cans for the plane, I will simply have the 6i Isolaters.

Et, voila! Less stuff. Genius!

NB: This will all clearly require me to upgrade to the Nano, but it's all in the name of parsimony!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Before and After

This is my dearest friend in all the universe, Bunny (Thumper), and myself at ages 2 and 26.

My how time flies! Have you ever seen anything so adorable?

Skip Likes to Reminisce

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Skip's a Fickle Friend

So, I think I might have cheated on Ben...with Mat Kearney.

Last night, Lauren and I (the pledge continues...next up; Stars, Thriving Ivory, Guster and Clap Your Hands) went to Slim's to see Mat, Cary Brothers and The Fray. There wasn't really any need to stay for The Fray as I was already smitten with Mat. Yes, he's a little short; but, his Corbett-esque voice, his rocky attempts at rap and his new piano piece about a couple leaving New Orleans were so endearing and slightly haunting that I'm compelled to make an exception.

His new CD is out April 4th.

Monday, February 06, 2006

I want to go too!

I have never been to Disneyworld (or the state of Florida for that matter), but after seeing the NFL players practicing the victorious catchphrase during Disney's Super Bowl commercial, I am convinced that I too need a vacation.

And, I think I may love Joey Porter now because of his riveting performance in the hot tub...just kidding (hi, Ben).

Watch it here.


Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Friday, February 03, 2006

Skip is a Nervous Wreck

This Sunday my boys (hi, Ben) are playing in Super Bowl XL (40) and I can hardly stand the anticipation! For the past week, I must have read or watched every commentary on the game, and with each new insight my heart starts racing with anxiousness and hope. I love it! The Steelers are favored to win, but as much as I want to pre-order my hat and t-shirt, I can't help but think that anything could happen! Eeeks!

As I have reached an emotional saturation point with regard to the outcome of the game (my nerves can't take anymore), I am moving on to researching the operational aspects of the Super Bowl to take my mind off of the actual game. I know, I'm crazy, but who knew that there were 90 miles of cable used for the cameras and microphones? 6 super slo-mo cameras and 29 mobile vehicles and 500 monitors in 'control trucks...?' Oh my!

Super Bowl XL stats.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Last night my gal pal Lauren and I met up with our (my new) friends Prav and Gap Dave who humbled us with their breadth of band proficiency (to such an extent that Lauren and I are lit with the motivational fire of 1,000 suns to out-discover these intrepid band crusaders) at The House of Shields for about an hour and then we all headed over to the Coldplay concert at the Oakland Arena.

Now, I am not normally a fan of the musical monstrosities that are performed at places like the Oakland Arena (I mean seriously, Aerosmith plays here), but the show was incredibly impressive. It was actually more of a songful spectacle complete with video projections, light displays and a fleet-footed Chris Martin who bounded around the stage like a buoyant cheerleader. I thought for more than a moment that we were all partaking in another Coldplay music video...and, if it weren't for the infectious energy, consummate setlist and crystalline voice of Chris Martin, I might have held it against them.

Rather, I've spent the evening cursing my technical ignorance because if only I could get the video footage off my fancy phone I might be able to really make you all appreciate my wonderful evening.

Skip's a Foul Mouth

An email I received today (a forward, if you must know) reminded me of how little I care for cuss words and their regular use by some (most) people today. I suppose it's not so much a matter of dislike as it is contempt. I simply think of swearing as a version of oratorical laziness that points to a deeper lack of intellect or, rather, grasp of the wonders of the English language. How very unimpressive it is! I would like to think of myself as being a little more refined and having some sense of decorum. What can I say, it's the elitist in me.

That is not to say of course, that there aren't moments when the use of such unbecoming language exactly articulates the feelings at the time, but I would hope that those moments are few and far between (unless of course you are plumber or prostitute whose job it is to talk dirty) for the majority of men and women.

For those of you out there who find these instances more frequent, perhaps you can turn that frown upside-down and put your verbal vulgarities to good use by participating in the Annual Swearing Festival at the Edinburgh Castle on February 18th.

Get it all out of your system. You might win a raffle prize.