Monday, August 27, 2007

Boston Ski-Bunny

Once upon a time, I lived amongst the glorious, utopian weather that consumes San Francisco with 'Groundhog Day-' predicability. In those days, I couldn't imagine a climate that would require anymore fur than supplied in the infamous J.Crew Puffer Vest.

Now that my world has been shattered and the injustices of a continental climate begin to hint at the cold to come, I have realized that (1) I require an entirely new wardrobe that preferably includes the Miu Miu Gathered Tote in Smoke Grey and (2) I clearly need to upgrade my Ski-Bunny attire to include both more sleeves and more fur. Lucky for me, my talented sister, Fabs, works at Cole Haan and I can score this divine down jacket in Winter White with fur collar for 50%-off! I am certain to stop traffic when I cruise into the Talbots car park in this coat. Oh, yeah.

It makes me want to welcome winter with open arms!