Sunday, August 12, 2007

Where Are They Now?

Who could forget the fabulous 90's band Tonic? I have vivid memories of the hit "If You Could Only See" blasting on the tape deck (copied from the radio onto a mix tape) in my dad's black Chevy Blazer and thinking I was the coolest 16 year old on the North Shore. Awesome.

Well, I was instantly brought back to the time of Houlihan's, 7-Eleven and Early Bird Chemistry class when I heard Emerson Hart's music. The former Tonic frontman just last month released a new album, complete with his familiar yearning voice and depressing songs.

Unfortunately, it seems that his talent for lyrics is still lacking and his one-hit wonder status will likely remain intact. But, it's interesting to see where these 90's stars end up and how they keep trying (in vain) to recapture their limited and cheese-ball success.

Nevertheless, I can taste the Cherry Slushie now...

PS- Next up, Savage Garden's current employment status...