Friday, August 24, 2007

Skip Loves Trevor Hall

I have been known to become so obsessed with a song that I play it over and over again to the point where my co-car passengers and co-dwellers develop a tick or the obscene version of turrets. Rarely does the over-playing effect my own sanity beyond some discordant singing out loud.

The tables were turned, however, when I saw Shrek; the Third and my musical hunger was piqued by the very last song to play during the credits. It was a soothing yet pop-y, reggae inspired ditty crooned by the most fabulously throaty voice. Gaaaah! There followed a seemingly endless search for the musician, trolling the world wide web with the lyrics I could remember...I very nearly went mad myself.

That is until the actual song was released by this fabulously throaty voice. I was able once again to utilize my repeat button and obliviously drive people crazy.

I am, of course, speaking of the gifted Trevor Hall and his song "Other Ways."